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Sample Size Calculation

Sample Size Calculation

Sample size calculation

One of the pivotal aspects of planning a clinical study is the calculation of the sample size. It is naturally neither practical nor feasible to study the whole population in any study. Hence, a set of participants is selected from the population, which is less in number (size) but adequately represents the population from which it is drawn so that true inferences about the population can be made from the results obtained. This set of individuals is known as the “sample.”

In a statistical context, the “population” is defined as the complete set of people (e.g., Indians), the “target population” is a subset of individuals with specific clinical and demographic characteristics in whom you want to study your intervention (e.g., males, between ages 45 and 60, with blood pressure between 140 mmHg systolic and 90 mmHg diastolic), and “sample” is a further subset of the target population which we would like to include in the study. Thus a “sample” is a portion, piece, or segment that is representative of a whole.

We provide sample size calculation for all of the following: 

Clinical Trials 

Observational Studies 

Cross-sectional Studies 

Animal Studies


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